Monday, September 27, 2010

Pioneer Photography Practice

Pioneer Village

Last Sunday was the Umpteenthsomething Annual Forks of the Wabash Pioneer Festival in Huntington, IN. It's much like any other festival of the type, a big group of people set up tents, appear in era appropriate garb, and sell exceedingly inappropriate for the time period merchandise. I don't believe those unfortunate individuals on the Oregon Trail were sporting peace sign necklaces or looking forward to filling their new homestead with tacky lawn ornaments. Maybe I just missed that chapter in my history book.

Nicole makes it a yearly tradition to visit the festival, and since we may not be within a thousand miles for next year's, she wanted to make sure we made a visit. Unfortunately, this meant we got there about 1 hour before it closed. Cue "Yakkity Sax" and a Benny Hill style run around in circles as we attempted to locate everything on Nicole's must buy list, all while trying to avoid tripping over lots of 19th century skirts in the way of our mad dash.

This also happened to be an opportunity to test out my new camera. I purchased it on Saturday, after vowing for years to buy a good digital camera. It's a Canon Rebel T2i, and I have absolutely no clue how to use it. This didn't stop me from taking a bunch of photos, which I will inflict upon you now.

The Road to Huntingon 1
The Road to Huntington 3

The road to Huntington, an incredibly uninteresting drive through lots of the farmland that gives Indiana it's corn-infested reputation. Nicole wanted a picture of the sky, so I complied. This is also one of the last views of a verdant Indiana before the colder weather and the harvest brings something that resembles a nuclear wasteland to the area.

Entrance to Pioneer Festival
BBQ Stand
Pioneer Pizza

Some of the sites and food booths of the festival, including Pioneer Pizza. Apparently there were far more Italian immigrants among the original pioneers than originally thought.

Vegetarian's Nightmare

Vegetarians need not apply. I also have no clue what the weird, glowing eye thing is on the right, but I do know it will be lurking somewhere in my nightmares tonight.


There were also some animal displays, with sheep shearing and llamas. Again, I don't particularly remember the roaming llamas of the Old West. Maybe they're what actually killed the buffalo. Those things have a mean look in their eye.

Goard Gun

Nicole threatening to shoot me with a gourd. Always threatening violence upon my person, it seems.

No Clue
The Farmer's Market

The festival also featured a farmer's market area, with lots of various produce, including some items I can't even identify.

Arts and Crafts
Homemade Stuffies
Creepy Lawn Decorations

Lots of arts and crafts were available, including these creepy metal/bowling ball spiders that will also give me horrible dreams. Seriously, those pioneers need some psychiatric guidance.

Glowing Honey
Rock Candy

No Indiana festival is complete without things to rot all the teeth out of your head. With all the sweets floating around, there were also many bees trying to re-claim the honey so forcefully stolen from them.

Pioneer with Wooden Swords

I just liked his outfit, though he gave me looks like he would throttle me with my camera strap if I took a picture, so I had to be stealthy. I should be a paparazzi.

The New Penguin

Finally, the newest addition to our family. There was no way I was leaving without a rustic stuffed animal, especially one of a penguin. Bonus points that he's a little bit unsettling, as well.

Not a bad way to spend an hour, really, and it let me get some definite photo practice. Now off to take another large batch of pictures of nothing in particular.


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