The Misanthrope's Guide to Disney World

The absolute bliss of an empty Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom
"Court and town furnish me with nothing but occasions to stoke my fury. It fills me with black depression and reduces me to utter despair to see men living as they do. I meet with nothing but base flattery, injustice, selfishness, treachery, villainy everywhere. I can't stand it any more. It infuriates me."- Alceste in Moliere's The Misanthrope

"The only people who can be excused for unleashing a bad book on the world are the poor devils who have to write for a living."- Alceste again

Guides to Disney World often feel like they are addressing either of these sides. Some of these books, especially the official guides, seem to function only to tell you what's more amazing than everything else that is just somewhat amazing. Other guide books operate the other end of the spectrum, in a cynical universe where the theme park experience is a gauntlet to be endured, less a vacation and more a death march with lots of costumed characters along the way.

This isn't all the guides, of course, and over the years many niche topics have inspired their own books. There are books for visiting Disney with kids, without kids, for those that want to gorge and those that want to run. It seems that if you have some special interest or need, there's probably a book written for you.

However, there's a group of us Disney fans that exist in our own weird place. We have a childlike love of the parks and their world, and appreciate the work that goes into the smallest detail. We're also realistic, and see the profit driven business that exists behind the facade of magic and joy. We're not overly optimistic or cynical, but we still often find it a struggle to experience the parks. This is because we can't stand one unavoidable part of the theme park experience, the hordes of people visiting the place at the same time.

There is no Misanthrope's Guide to Disney World. I've always wanted to write a guide to Disney World, ever since I spent hours reading them as a child. I don't know if I'm up to the task, or have the time to invest in such an uncertain project. However, I think it's a niche that still needs addressed, and I think I can contribute something to the discussion.

Whether a series of articles or the foundation for something greater, I'm going to start writing the Misanthrope's Guide. We're going to enjoy Disney World, in spite of everyone else trying to destroy our fun.

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