Thursday, September 2, 2010

The New Car Shuffle

Photo from The Commons on Flickr

With our big move rapidly approaching, one of the things Nicole and I have had to accept is that we must get her a new car. There are no ifs, ands, or buts to this situation, except the butts which will be sitting in said new car’s seats. Both of us need an automobile, and there is no way that Nicole’s vehicle will make it all 1000 miles we have to travel ahead of us.

My old car, the Chevrolet Beretta. Photo from

I already replaced my long neglected, continually falling apart Chevrolet Beretta a year and a half ago. This car got a flat tire and was technically totaled. I replaced it with a brand new HHR, a vehicle I thought was pretty neat until I realized that everyone in the tri-state area apparently had the same thought. Now I can’t find a parking lot where at least 2 other cars look identical to mine.

My car, the HHR. Except mine is wonderful blue. Photo from

In Nicole’s case, her car is past continual life support status and rapidly heading towards rolling death trap. She’s been putting off replacement due to complete lack of funds, but with both winter and the move looming, it’s finally time to take action and put the old car down. It’s had a good run.

Now we begin a rapid, manic search for a used car that will fulfill our needs without emptying our budget. The unfortunate part about this search is that I am almost zero help. I have never been especially interested in cars, unless you’re talking about the Pixar movie Cars, and I’m not even a huge fan of that film. I liked Hot Wheels as a kid, but that was for the roller coaster lack tracks I could make as much as anything.

As little interest I have in vehicles, I have even less knowledge. People brag about different features and I simply smile and nod with a blank expression, hearing something akin to an incomprehensible foreign language. The car may be made in America, but it sounds like you’re speaking Chinese to me.

The Chevrolet Cobalt. Picture from

Thankfully, through the internet and general supportiveness, I should be able to be some help. Thankfully, she’s interested in a Chevy Cobalt, a vehicle I’ve actually test driven, and thus I at least have a minute bit of useful experience. We venture out to look at some particular models tonight, and I plan to provide much head nodding and enthusiastic, generic encouragements in the process. I may not be able to spot a lemon, but I can make lemonade, as long as it comes in a powder with directions to add water and stir.


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