Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Heat Goes On

Hot day in N.Y., after a swim in fountain. (LOC)
From the Commons on Flickr.

Nicole and I have received many different responses to our plans to move to Florida. While most everyone is supportive, we still receive some advice and information that’s meant to make us consider our choice more closely. One of the top things we hear out of everything is “You know, it gets really hot in Florida.”

On the surface is a true statement, though one that’s bleedingly obvious. I’ve been to Florida in the summer, and I have experienced the heat. Yes, it was hot, and I did sweat a lot. However, this statement of hotitude also implies something else, that Florida is so much hotter than Indiana. Bull chips.

People that don’t live in Indiana might not understand why that is so ridiculous an implication. The upper midwest is over a thousand miles north of Orlando. Logically, this would mean that the temperature is substantially lower. In the winter this proves true, with insanely cold weather reaching the negatives some days, compared to only occasional freezes in Florida’s worst winter moments.

However, do to a number of factors, Northern Indiana is hot in the summer, sometimes unnaturally hot. This summer, the majority of days have been in the high 80s and higher, with this week being over 90 degrees every day without fail. Further, this area of the country is one huge swamp turned massive corn field. As such, humidity reaches a point where you could swim nearly through the air. I've witnessed kittens wilt in the heat, plants shrivel and die in a day's time, and have marched for hours on end on hot asphalt at noon. I can take whatever Florida gives me, and then some.

Of course, it’s not any better down south, and even a little worse. In the end, though, if it’s going to be hot wherever I go, I might as well be where there are beautiful beaches, amusement parks, and palm trees, rather than corn, corn, and more corn. Plus, there’s always air conditioning. Sweet, sweet, air conditioning.


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