Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Underwhelming First Look at the Art of Animation Resort Lion King Wing

DisneyParks Blog claimed to have an exclusive first look yesterday of the Art of Animation Resort's new Lion King themed expansion.  The entire first look is that singular photo above.  That's it.

Rather than give a decent overall view of the area, or a nice picture of the pool, or even an overview of some of the new themed rooms, we get a picture of a Simba statue with no perspective.  At least they could have made it a shot that gives any real sense of the size of the statue.  As it is, all this photo tells me is that Simba will be appearing in the Lion King section of the of the hotel.   Hopefully next they'll tell us if there will be water in the swimming pool and if the beds will have sheets.

Intense sarcasm aside, I've heard many good reviews of this new resort so far, and I'm sure the Lion King wing will be stunning when completed.  Hopefully we'll get a better view of it soon than just Simba's big rocks.

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