Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo Celebrates Mantee Birth

First SeaWorld Orlando announced a new baby manatee, one that's already been released with its mother.  Now one of the manatees rescued by Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo has given birth.  The mother, named "Joannie," was rescued in January with cold stress.  Once it was discovered she was pregnant, caretakers made the decision to hold the manatee until after the baby's birth in order to prevent stress from release.  Last month, Joannie gave birth to "Lad," only the fourth manatee born at Lowry Park Zoo's manatee hospital.

Both mother and baby are doing well, and plans are to make Joannie a surrogate mother for an orphaned manatee also at the facility.  Plans are to release both mother and baby in two to three months.   Until then, you can view this adorable pair in the Zoo's manatee viewing pools.

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