Friday, August 3, 2012

Busch Gardens Tampa Has a Summer Baby Boom

Photos courtesy of SeaWorld Parks
Summer has signaled the arrival of a load of new babies at Busch Gardens Tampa.  Many of these new additions are still behind the scenes being cared for by their parents and keepers.  As the year continues, more and more babies will be added into public areas, so keep an eye out for some surprises.

This little ball of armor is a three banded armadillo.  Born June 21, 2012, this baby and its parents can be found in Jambo Junction, where Busch Gardens animal ambassadors live when not meeting celebrities and appearing on television.

 Also born in June, this Baby Giant Anteater might be hard to spot when it finally appears in the habitat.  As mentioned in the Creatures of Central Florida post, giant anteaters carry their young on their back for up to a year, so you'll have to look close to spot this little guy riding around on mom.


Another June arrival shares at least one similarity with the anteater, it will spend much of its time riding around on mom.  This baby squirrel monkey is extremely tiny, but will explore more and more as it begins to grow.

Finally, a new kangaroo joey is being hand raised by keepers.  Once he's a little older, he will be introduced to the Walkabout Way, where he will interact with guests.   Walkabout Way features some of the friendliest kangaroos anywhere, and this adorable youngster is sure to be another one when he bounds on to the scene.

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