Monday, July 26, 2010

Dreams be dreams...

This is a Florida Winter.

I've had apocalypticalish dreams for as long as I can remember. It always ends the same, me hiding somewhere watching the world as I know it fall apart around me. My favorite was that one time when the world flooded, and I was on a train that was more like a rollercoaster, and it dropped me off on top of a super tall building. I sat there...waiting, watching, fearing. I don't remember it being a panic though. I remember just thinking, "what am I going to do now?" Then, a boat came and I got on and a bunch of random people from my past were there. End dream.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like those dreams always come at times when I'm feeling particularly uncertain about the future. And right now, I'm very uncertain about the future. I want to leave Indiana, I always have. It's just been the fear of the unknown holding me back. That, and leaving everyone I know behind. But since this time, I'll have my best friend and love with me it won't be so hard. Now we have to get both sets of parents to move south and it'll be all good. Right.

My aunt who lives in Florida currently posted a bunch of sunset pics over the ocean while visiting the Keys, and They're so pretty its almost breath taking. I can't wait for that to be my view every day. Big things are coming, my world is going to change (for the better), and I have to make my mind okay with that. Change has never been my friend. I usually don't like it. But a change of scenery sounds nice. And hopefully (crossing fingers) before the next Indiana winter. We'll see.

Until next time...
And this is an Indiana winter.

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